Kiss me before they turn the lights out.

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Chapter list for mobile please

This is the only chapters list I have, I haven’t made a post with chapter links yet. Maybe I can do it over the weekend. I know I won’t have to do it during the week.

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Where my Midwest people at?

preferably lake county. Ya girl need a good deal on a sew-in! Help a sistah out!

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Lol :D

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*blinks* so lmao if she cry one more time imma come through the screen and rip her tear ducts out

lmao well that was the last chapter so no more crying lei haha Chapter 50 will be a epilogue. 

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that's great but her ass needs to stop crying. like gah damn just shhhhhh lol

lol she’s pregnant lol the hormones got her emotional lmao

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Nope nope nope I don't want to hear it. If she wasn't cheating on Bow in the first place there wouldn't have been feelings to catch SOOOOO shorty doo wop brought all the shit on herself. i do not feel bad for her. She gets on my damn nerves when she cries to, like just shut yo ass up already lol

lmao true, but he cheated on her. She said she was cool but we all know the second time he did it she cheated out of hurt.  It dont excuse her actions but hey ya’ll got what yall wanted shes with chris lol

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Lei quit all that crying. It's not good for the baby. Hope Bow be on his best behavior. Chris eww them damn cancer sticks gots to go. You do know that smoking and babies do not go together right? That sticks to your skin man. Harm the baby like that when you hold it.


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So um I don't feel bad for Lei. She does not need sympathy pregnant or not. saying you couldn't continue with the relationship knowing your feelings for Chris. Bitch why would you accept an engagement knowing you're in love with somebody else. Why would you even go into a new relationship knowing you're in love with somebody else? She thinks saying sorry and she didn't mean it crying n shit means something no nigga. You caught feelings by accident but you were definitely fucking on purpose.

You so harsh! lmaoo! Think of it like this she did catch feelings for Chris, but from the jump he made that clear to her that’s not what he wanted so she had to find somewhere else to give her love. Chris finally admits they he wants her, but she’s in too deep. She decided to invest her feelings into her current thing and because Chris decided he was ready she wasn’t going to jump just because he said so. Granted then she should’ve put things on hold, but she hoped Chris would let up, he didn’t obviously and the feelings she suppressed came rushing non-stop. I agree she shouldn’t have accepted the proposal.

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Chapter 49 is up!!! Enjoy dolls!

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49: Closure.


Chris and I caught a late flight back to LA. Paps were OD crazy! They swarmed us all the way until we got to security. They hollered questions left and right about the fight. Chris went to his Twitter about the fight. He apologized for letting it get that far.

He didn’t apologize for anything he said because he felt like he was protecting me and that he doesn’t care no one will disrespect me around him. Bow hasn’t said anything and that makes me feel even more horrible. I tried to talk to Chris about reaching out to him, but we all know how shut that shit down with the quickness.

I did send him a text but deleted the conversation thread.

He never texted back, but as long as he finds closure from it I’m okay with him not replying. “You alright?” Chris glanced at me as he grabbed our bags from the baggage claim. “Yeah , she’s just kicking a lot.” I answered rubbing my swollen stomach. Shifting my weight on to my left I blew out a breath slowly.

Chris and Pat led me to the car before putting the bags in the car. I decided to call my Momma to see how things were going. “Hey Momma. Did y’all get all my stuff?” I asked after she answered. “No. There is a box he said you have to come get. He just wants to talk to you. He said you won’t call or text him back.” I sighed and rubbed my temples.

"Okay I’ll send him a text and see you when I get to the hotel." I muttered and waited for her okay before hanging up. 

"Babe I have to go to Dominic’s to get the rest of my stuff." I informed while tapping a text out to Dom. "No." Chris said plainly. "It’s not up for discussion Brown. I have to give him some closure. I’m going to get my stuff, point blank and the period. You come, but I will not have any fighting." I snapped keeping my eyes on him as he finally got into the back seat with me.

Turning his body towards me he gave a very intense glare.

"Who you talking to like that? I don’t know how them other niggas let you talk to them, but you ain’t about to talk to me like that at all. I ain’t a child and you for damn sure ain’t my mama." He spat with dimmed eyes.

"Newsflash Christopher I never said I was, but you aren’t going to talk to me like you’re crazy either. I’m grown and the last time I checked I was capable of making my own decisions. I’m going to go get my stuff from Dominic’s whether you like it or not. You can still tag along." I rolled my eyes in a attempt to keep any tears from falling. He sighed and muttered fuck to himself noticing my tears.

"Don’t cry alright. You can’t expect me not to get buck with you if you poppin’ off at the mouth at me. I’ll go with you alright?" I nodded softly allowing him to wipe my cheeks.

I snuggled my body up to his and he wrapped his arm around my shoulder. My phone began to ring and I sighed at the name across the screen. “Yes?” I answered.

"I’m not doing that. Stop hiding from me. I just want to talk."

"Okay I’ll be there in a few mins."

We both muttered bye before hanging up.

Chris had a mandatory meeting with his team because of the fight so he sent Big Pat with me to get my things. Pat stood along the side of me as I rang the doorbell. “You holler if you need anything and I’ll come running.” Pat spoke lowly and I nodded.

"Pat you’re like Allstate. I know I’m in good hands." I imitated the man from the commercials and he let out a hearty laugh. "You already know." he grinned as the door opened. Sage and I looked at each other for a moment before I introduced him and Pat.

"Come in." he stepped aside and allowed us to enter.

"Pat I’ll be back. Dom is my stuff upstairs?" They both nodded I made my way up the steps with Sage right behind me. I walked into the bedroom towards the closet to see most of my things gone and just a few things hanging and the rest in a moving box. "Where do you want me to start?" I hummed placing some of my things in the box. "Why?" was all he said and I sighed.

"This was not my intention at all. I really did plan on marrying you…Things just got complicated and went left and just gotten out of control. Just know I never wanted to hurt you."

"You saying all this with tears in your eyes, but I j-just don’t believe you! You’ve lied time and time again. I’ve been nothing but honest to you and everything you ever wanted and asked for! I was all of that! And you pissed all over that!"

"I’m sorry! I don’t know how many times I have to say it! Do I have to say it in a different language? Lo siento! Je suis désolé! Mwen regrèt! I really did love you and I appreciate everything you’ve done for me! But I could not have continued our relationship with my feelings for Chris still lingering in my heart! You were giving me your all and I couldn’t give you all of me. You deserve so much better then me Dom!"

I buried my face in my hands and cried. I have so much love for him and all he has done and been for me. It hurts me that I hurt him like this. I’ve always promised myself I would never hurt anyone the way I was hurt. I’ve managed to do that twice. I felt arms wrap around me a broke down even harder.

Love isn’t all gum drops and rainbows. Every now and again you’ll step in a big pile of shit.


I’ll be truthful I don’t understand Lei’s reasoning to go over there to get her stuff. I can buy her that shit! Money isn’t a problem for either of us! The whole closure shit is just that in my opinion.

Lei has a hard time of letting people go in her life. Bad or good.

I just hope she don’t do not foolish shit. I would’ve went but there was no way I could put off this meeting. I got to keep my cool from now on and focus on the music and my growing family. “Chris I’m back!” I heard Lei’s voice over the blaring music.

I decided to paint a little to occupy myself. I put out my cigarette and turned down the music. “I hate that you do that.” she frowned up at the smell. “I can’t smoke weed like that so this is the next option.” I shrugged and she sighed rolling her eyes slightly as I helped her sit in on one of the stools

"Do you want to talk about what happened?"

"We talked, screamed, cried and I gave him back his ring." she sniffled looking at her fingers. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her cheek.

"I’m a fucked up person. Ain’t I?" she mumbled turning her vision so she looked at me with wet eyes. "You not a fucked up person. Confused maybe, but not fucked up. It’s okay because nobody is perfect." I took my hand and wiped her cheek before placing my hands on her stomach.

"Me and this little girl gon’ love you forever. You hear me?" she nodded letting a few more tears fall. 

I’m ready to go to war for you. I’ma be a warrior, I’mma make sure you’re safe with me…" I sang holding her hands. It’s one of her favorite songs I written and it should be since its about her. "Love you too air head." she smiled faintly. "Come on bubble butt. Lets go get some food." I helped her up and she hit me in the chest as I laughed hard.

"You gon quit calling me fat or I’m tellin’ both Mama’s."

"I aint even call you fat. I said your booty fat. Great googly moogly that thang is juicy!"

"I’m not even gon deal with that right now." she laughed going straight too the fridge. "Is it okay if I call my Momma and Sister over for dinner? After I left Sage’s I came straight here." I gave her a look like why ask that.

"What? I’m just asking babe. It would’ve been rude for me to just invite people over your house."

"Our house." I corrected and nodded for her to repeat.

"Our house." I said it again with her and she smiled. She came over and we kissed again. "Okay since you in here you can help cook…" she started going on about what she wanted me to do and I slickly backed away and ran upstairs.


Haha! I ain’t goin down there. I grabbed the remote to my XBox and started a game.