Kiss me before they turn the lights out.

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Why is Bow so bitter?!? I get it, it was a cheap ass move of Chris to go after your girl like that! But to fight him on tv, come on man is not worth it! So quick question though did she tell Sage that she chose Chris? Or did I miss that part of the conversation! I'm glad she didn't make a big deal about what Chris said! I like them to together! Can't wait for the next chapter!

She sent him a text, but I didn’t put that in the chapter. They are going to talk about it soon face to face. Bow never stopped loving Lei. So he was under the impression they had a chance still, and she didn’t help because in private convos she fueled that fire. So him finding out about her and Chris was like getting shot to him. He felt betrayed, hurt, and played for a fool. So he acted off his emotions. Which is understandable. He didn’t give a fuck about anything in that moment. Lei was his future wife in his mind and Chris was his brother and had been for years. His feelings just a tangled up web of hurt.

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Oh...& I know she had "Bad Vibes"...but it shoulda been titled "Dumbass Decision" 😂 I kid I kid. I feel bad for Bow, like how much more hurt can these two cause...

lmaoo shaaaaaaaaaaade! *Tamar Voice* but yeah I feel bad for Bow too. Poor soul :(

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Chris & Bow need to have a sit down when they get themselves together. Shit like that can't happen, especially in places like that. Losing a friendship like theirs isn't worth it so all of them need to talk & get an understanding of each other so they move forward

Forreal. They don’t have to be best friends anymore, but the can’y have that anger on their hearts liike that.

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Chapter 48 is up!!! Enjoy!! ^___^


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48: Bad vibes.


Two Days Later

Like I suggested Lei’s Mom drove her car back to LA and Lei rode with me. When we got to LA we went straight to my crib. We talked about getting her stuff from that niggas place. Her mom and sister are gonna go pack her stuff and bring it back to my place. Lei and I had to shower and change and get the earliest flight to NYC.

We gon stay there a few days then head to someplace warm and tropical. I’m thinking Hawaii. That way we can fly down some immediate family, kind of like a meet the parents type deal. Anyway Lei got her Mom and sister a hotel to stay until we get back from our interviews.

"You feel what I’m feelin?" Lei asked as we neared the 106 studio.

"What you feeling?" I inquired glancing over at her.

"I don’t know. I just got a bad vibe and I don’t like it." She sighed unwrapping a strawberry starburst. "Don’t worry about it. You probably just scared," I took the piece of candy from her and stuffed it in my mouth with a chuckle.

"Whatever you say King Asshole." She nudged me and opened another piece to put in her mouth. "You know they say if you can unwrap that with your tongue it means you’re a good kisser." I smirked taking an unwrapped piece of candy.

"Oh really? Let me see you do it."

I put the whole piece of candy in my mouth and unwrapped it. Once I was done I pulled the wrapper out my mouth.

"Simple." I smirked. "Hmm all the talents you have. I wonder what else dat mouf do?" We started cracking up at her silliness. "Well for for one it can do this." I leaned over and let our lips mesh slowly. Her hand caressed the side of my face for a moment then we broke the kiss.

"Everything is gonna be fine. Okay?"


"I don’t want to do this anymore." Lei whispered and I sighed. "Chill. It’s gon be fine. Besides you can’t back out now. We already here and they’ll be calling us out in a few minutes." I gave her a reassuring hug and rubbed the sides of her stomach in a attempt to calm her.

The only people who know she’s here to be interviewed too are the head executives of BET. I was told the host know too, but we will see. This is gonna be cray.

I know it, but whatever happens will happen and we have to deal with it.

One of the executives came in and went over a few things with Lei and I. Once we confirmed everything it was time for us to come out. The second Bow saw us the look on his face was deathly.

Fuck if looks could kill. If his vibe could kill there would be no survivors.

"Oh wow this is a surprise!" Keyshia smiled uneasily from the thickening tension. "It really is. Y’all go head have a seat." Bow forced himself to say and took a seat as well before whispering something in Keyshia’s ear.

We cut to commercial before the questions started. When we came back Bow slouched in his seat playing with the interview cards in his hands while Keyshia did all the talking.

"So before you guys got together Lei went on tour with you?"

"Yeah. My homie The Game recommended her services to me. He was like on some real stuff like her rub downs are better then smoking weed, haha. So I was like why not." I chuckled at the memory.

"Chris when did you start taking a interest in Leilani?" Keyshia inquired causing Shad to look up. "From the jump. I was at her spa and she gave me a preview of her massaging skills and it was like boom!" I looked over at her and smiled.

Bow chuckled to himself shaking his head as he muttered something.

"What you say blood?" I squinted resting my elbows on my knees.

"Don’t ask me what I said when you sitting here lying dawg," He snapped. "When I asked you about Lei what did you tell me?" He spat and I just glared at him with a clenched jaw.

He twisting shit and I ain’t feeling it.

When I told him about bringing a masseuse on the tour he asked me shit like what Shawty look like and ish. I showed him a picture and because I was already hooked from that massage I wasn’t trying to have anybody rag on me about liking her. So I was like she cute minus the gut or whatever.

Dumb I know, but that’s what happened.

"Shut yo ass up! You just mad because she with me now!"

"Nah you supposed to be my brother! You knew how I felt about her and you decided to go after! That’s fuckin fowl!"

"Obviously you wasn’t doing something right if she ended up riding my dick on a daily basis!"

He got up and charged at me. I threw hits at his torso and got him one good time in the jaw. I got the upper hand and started thrashing him a bit before I was grabbed by security.

"Bitch ass nigga! Fuck out of here with that weak ass shit!" I hollered as they carried off me to another room. "Where is Leilani?" I asked calmly as they continue to take me to the back.

"She’s okay. She’s in another room."

"Take me to her." I demanded and somebody told me no. "Look I ain’t gon ask but one more time. Take me to Leilani." This time I got no response. Chuckling darkly I snatched myself out of a grip.

"I will light this muthafucka up if y’all don’t take me to my girl!"

All I’m worried about right now is being with Leilani. I know this stunt is going to cause some trouble already. I just want her to understand that I don’t and never did feel that way. I spoke without thinking. I legit never thought we’d get together in anyway besides friendship.


The second Bow charged over I was grabbed and pulled away. I knew something was going to go down! There is no way in the world it wasn’t. Especially after the way Shad acted when he came to my hotel room. If he wasn’t going to say something he was going to do something. Sitting in the chair I sipped my bottle of water waiting to hear something.

What I want to know is what did Chris say? I can’t say if it matters or not because I don’t know what was said. “Ms. Kingston are you okay?” A white man peeked his head into the room.

"I’m fine. Can somebody bring me my boyfriend? I want to leave now!" I snapped with calmness all over my face, but in my eyes you could see it was my way or shit was gon get lit up. He nodded quickly and closed the door to complete my request.

Shortly after I was met with a red face Chris. His injuries only consisted of a busted lip and a bruised cheek. “Let’s go now.” I grumbled shaking my head.

Grabbing my purse I took the lead and went out the room first. Eventually he caught up and took my hand and led us to the car as security created a pathway for us. Once we were settled in the car the driver drove to the hotel. ”You want to do this now or when we get to the hotel?” I asked glancing at him.

He was quiet for a few moments and before I could fix my mouth to let him know I ain’t the muthafucka he should be ignoring he muttered we’ll talk at the hotel. I simply nodded and continued gaze out the window.

The rest of the ride we did not speak. We went straight to the room and I placed me an order online for Noodles & Company and asked Pat if he could be a ham and go get it for me.

I would’ve went myself, but I’m just worn out and I don’t want to cause anymore stress on my baby girl for the rest of the week; the rest of my pregnancy if I can help it. “Leilani come here for a second.” Chris peeked his head from the balcony.

I pushed myself off the couch and wobbled my way to him.

"Hm?" I hummed leaning against the door frame.

He waved me over with his hand and took both my hands in his when I stood right in front of him.

"I know you want to know what Bow was talking about. So I’m gonna tell you. I told him about you coming on tour and ish and he said something about me smashing you and I was like nah I don’t fuck with them that big or some even more stupid along the lines of that. I just want you to understand I did not really feel like that! I’ve been hooked on you from the jump and was too much of a pussy to tell or try something with you until somebody else had you." When I say my mouth was on the floor I mean just that.

I did not know what to say to that. One its not a big deal to me and two this is the reason they fought? I can’t and will not. “This is why yall were fighting other than the fact he’s upset we are together?” he nodded and I chuckled.

"Look I’m not bothered by it because its obvious that whether or not you felt like that. You don’t and bet not now."

"Trust me I don’t."

He leaned slowly for a kiss and I allowed his lips to meet with mine for a few moments. “Excuse me guys, but Lei I have your food.” Pat cleared his throat and I smiled slightly embarrassed.

"Thank you Pat." I took the brown paper bag from him and followed him inside with Chris behind me. "I want something to eat too!" Chris pouted like a big baby. "Well you ignored me since we gotten back here I assumed you was cool, sorry." I apologized taking my food out the bag starting with my big ass chocolate chip cookie. 

"Want some of my cookie?" I asked reluctantly as I took a little nibble off the top. I don’t wanna share. "Mhm." he hummed and I held out the cookie. He went to reach for it but that’s not where his hand end up if you get what I’m saying. "Chris let me eat first." I whimpered and he chuckled. "Alright I’ma make a run real quick. I’ll be back." he grabbed his wallet and headed to the door but not before kissing me on the forehead.

"Where you going?"

"To get some real food. Don’t worry I’m coming back for that chocolate chip cookie." he winked causing me to fall out in laughter. Nasty ass.

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Looks like y’all gettin a update today!

*grinds like Chris when he deep in them guts* I’m sorry….

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this is my favorite video of all time bar none

I cannot stop laughing. 

how have I gone this long without seeing this video

gotta bring this back lol


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Next Chapter is about half-way done! Then there are two more chapters left!

Chapter 50 might be a epilogue.

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39: Autumn Leaves.



"It’s not that easy." I pressed my lips together and shook my head. "I didn’t say it was. I’m just saying. You gotta let me go and move on. What did you tell me after I came back and you chose me?" He inquired he held Kai as she colored on a piece of paper with a crayon given to her by a…

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Poor shad . But Chris and lei are cute. They gone be a happy family

I know right. Hem feelings es so hurt. :( Chris and Lei are cute. Lets just hope they will be…