Kiss me before they turn the lights out.

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Must Be Nice - Chapter 15: Are you jealous?


"All you have to do is say that; "I’m sorry. Baby I’m sorry.". " - Ciara "Sorry"


"Really Rashad?" I frowned instantly. "What?" he questioned as he chewed sloppily. He took a big ass piece of my cinnamon pretzel — I’m seriously debating on kicking his ass. I wanted every piece of my damn…

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18: Chill out.



We pretty much stayed up all night drinking, eating, smoking and playing Spades. We had a ball! My neighbor came and knocked on the door because of the noise, but instantly shut up when she saw Trey and Chris. She chilled with us for a while.

She was all up in Trey’s face!

I thought it…

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09: Next level.



"Babe wake up." I frowned feeling softness on my cheek near the corner of my mouth. "Hmm?" I hummed slightly opening my eyes to see Chris. "Wake up. Come on we’re supposed to spend the whole day together. Can’t do that if you decide to sleep all day." He chuckled shaking me by my hips.

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"You know with your hair like that. You look like me when I was a kid in a movie called Like Mike."

"When you were a kid?"

"Yeah when I was kid."

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"When a rich nigga want you, want you babe…"

My Momma: “And my nigga can’t do nothing for me…Niggas ain’t loyal!


janeelovesu this why I have no sense ctfu

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Ooh Shit! Lei done changed the game! I was like WTF Yo! Even after that confession Chris needs to still tell her to leave! Nope,not here for Lei and her confused feelings! Leave Chris alone & go be with your nigga! But I'm here for the drama!

Mhm! Shit is only going to get crazier. Ain’t no telling what Chris might do. Poor thing. Awl this drama!

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thisblogflawless said: thankyou xo

Anytime boo :)

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You can always have us talk to characters on here

True….,but thats up to y’all. Y’all know my inbox is open to any and everything.

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I have a feeling he's not going to say it back! Only because he feels she just talking! And he going think that's going to be his way of letting go and letting her be happy! And I feel she's ONLY so into sage because she felt there was no hope for her and Chris!

Oop…y’all thinkin outside the box today!